The Minnesota Multicultural Media Consortium (MMMC) is a 501C (3) nonprofit corporation created to be the service arm of minority publishers and broadcasters in Minnesota. MMMC is a membership organization, consisting of most of the minority newspapers, and radio stations in the state, and community business leaders as association members. Its main purpose is to provide a variety of media-related services to Minnesota communities of color and to promote community building in minority communities through media and communications projects. MMMC has also interests to work on Economic / Business Development Projects.
Immigration Information Center
The Immigration Information Center (IIC) is a division of The Minnesota Multicultural Media Consortium (MMMC). The IIC was created in 2008 to help immigrants to learn about the rights and respsonsibilities of US citizenship and help them to become productive citizens. It's services include:

1. Immigration Library
2. Citizenship Classes
3. Translation and interpreting services
4. Naturalization Interview / Test practices
5. Immigration Forums
6. Immigration Writings

MMMC also has programs in these four major areas:

The Business Development Center
The Business Development Center will be a joint project of MMMC and other mainstream businesses. The Business Development Center will provide a variety of business development and business incubator services to emerging small businesses in the Multicultural Marketing Consulting Group (MMCG).

Media Training Center
The Media Training Center will provide employment training for minority residents desiring to enter the media and communications field- printing; editorial; photography; geography; producing; computer; other technology; communications and technology.

Expo Marketing
Expo Marketing is a program to introduce the mainstream business community to the variety of media services provided by minority businesses. MMMC will provide information and displays about minority media opportunities at conventions and business expos.

Community Policy Projects
MMMC has an ongoing relationship with minority community forums in each of the minority communities in the Twin Cities and serves as supporter and partnership for a collaborative project of theirs. Working with the community forums, MMMC will develop a variety of community-driven policy projects with the goal of giving minority communities a greater voice in public policy making and civic journalism initiatives.


Frequently Asked Questions
Why did we form the Minnesota Multicultural Media Consortium (MMMC)?
Ethnic media needs a support organization to help them grow and multicultural communities need an organization to develop community projects.

In what areas is MMMC involved?
We offer media training, expo marketing, business development, community policy projects.

How do I can become the member of MMMC?
Full membership for media related organizations is $200 per year.
Associate membership for support organizations is $100 per year

What are the benefits for members?
Members can get the MMMC newsletter, event invitations, participate in projects and more.


Minnesota Broadband Initiative Town Hall
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Minnesota Multicultural
Media Consortium

417 University Ave., St. Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 224-6570
Fax: (651) 224-7032

Nghi Huynh

Al McFarlane

Adolfo Rudy Cadona

David Glass


Board of Directors
Nghi Huynh, President
Nghi Huynh


David Glass, Public Relations Director
David Glass

Public Relations Director

Al McFarlane, Vice-President
Al McFarlane


Adolfo Rudy Cadona, Personnel Director
Adolfo Rudy Cardona

Personnel Director

Nghi Huynh - President
Nghi Huynh has a diverse background in office management and organization, and brings 30 years of experience to the group. Nghi's knowledge of administration public relations, recruitment, hiring, employee supervision and marketing allow him to oversee and effectively manage all aspects of the day to day affairs of the organization, in his role as President of MMMC.

Al McFarlane - Vice-President
Al McFarlane has several years of senior management experience in marketing and sales. Al is currently a business owner with an excellent ability to create ideas and concepts and bring them through successfully. He has worked in fields such as newspaper publishing, Talk Radio shows, his strength. Covers all aspects of business management from research to marketing to an innate ability to manage and motivate personal. Al is a Vice President of MMMC.

Adolfo Rudy Cardona - Personnel Director
Adolfo Rudy Cardona is the publisher and founder of Latino Midwest News, a bilingual Hispanic / English language newspaper with a focus on small and medium-sized Hispanic owned businesses in greater Minnesota. He is also a founding member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Minnesota, and served on the board of directors for three years. Mr. Cardona was nominated for the 2005 Minority Entrepreneur of the Year by Twin Cities Journal He has an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, where he also earned his Bachelor's degree in Business. He is currently working on completing his doctorate in business administration. Mr. Cardona will serve as the MMMC Personnel Director. He brings skills to select, manage and motivate staff and consultants.

David Glass - Public Relations Director
David Glass is the president and executive director of the American Indian Economic Development Fund and is also the Chairman of the Board of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, He works in a wide and far reaching business development and native American community network of people and organizations. Mr. Glass willl serve as the Public Relations Director of MMMC.